Who is Tapawarma?

Tapawarma is one of the newest trademarks of Tapawarma Inc, main office located in B11 LALAINE BENNET BFRV, Las Pinas, you may google us or waze. Tapawarma was launched last December 2017 and now growing to more than 50 branches in just a few months. They are also the makers of Senyor Juan Suman Latik Coffee and Tea, first ever Suman Latik Café in the Philippines.

The Company started last 2014 as an IT COMPANY offering Digital Marketing and Website/Business Software Development to small, medium, big brands nationwide. Until the company decided to build their own brand and entered food business since their President is a certified Chef himself, pushed to pursue his love for food, added his knowledge in Marketing and Business Operations to make these brands successful. 

Did you know, that the owners of Tapawarma started from scratch too? Yes, it is somehow a telenovela story about couples working together as a team, they call themselves as Juan Team. Click here and get to know them more.


What is the Vision and Mission of Tapawarma?

To be the No. 1 Tapa On-the-Go in the Philippines within 5 years, and be known worldwide within 10 years

Note: if you want to be part of this mission to go big with us, rain or shine, with full commitment, then you may join our family.

What are the Company's Core Values

  • To Ourselves: Prioritize others first, before me. (Proverbs 19:17)
  • To the Company: Two are better than one. (Ecclesiastes 4:9)
  • To Succeed: Ignorance is ‘not an excuse’ (Proverbs 5:23)
  • To Strengthen Relationship: Soft answer turneth away wrath (Proverbs 15:1)
    Note: All employees, suppliers and franchisees are encouraged to practice these core values for them us to have harmonious long-term relationship, for future success.

What makes Tapawarma different from other Franchising Business Model in the Market?

  • Brand Name: Our brand “TAPAWARMA ” speaks so loud, when they see us, we don’t need to explain it anymore as TAPA AND SHAWARMA in ONE. It's all about Tapa!
  • Concept: Provide the most flavorful TAPA on-the-go (meaning fast service) in five or more different ways: rice, wrap, noodle, wrap, and the newest is longwich.
  • Product Development: every 12 months, to maintain excitement offer new items to our market
  • Longetivity of the Product: tapa has been Filipino’s favorite and in fact one of the country’s specialty since history, so in terms of its Longetivity, this one is a perfect fit – NOT SEASONAL! crisis-proof!
  • Market Demand: we offer RICE Tapawarma , 90% of Pinoys cannot leave without rice. Market Share is high. Plus we have nachos perfect for the kids. Wrap, longwich and noodles for snacks. So many options for all ages, which means higher sales, higher profit.
  • Taste: Recipe from tapa til sauce is made directly by our very own Chef Senyor Juan himself. We don’t buy from a third party company. We make our own! And yes, it’s yummy, juicy with a combination of sweetness, saltiness, Filipino style Tapa.
  • Price starts at Php49 only PLUS FREE ICED TEA – super affordable without sacrificing the PROFIT of the branch owners or franchisee.
    Majority of Philippines' population is in the middle class, and the masa, who are the target market categories of Tapawarma. This mean, we will be a "need" and not just a seasonal item.
    Also, it has been proven that even during global crisis, Tapawarma was not totally affected due to its price range and menu options, perfectly fit for the middle class, the masa and the upper class individuals who wer on a very tight budget after the crisis.

Even though SRP is super affordable, Php49 only, to our market, it didn’t affect your PROFIT MARGIN. In fact you enjoy:

  • 40-50% profit for Main Items (from SRP) - This margin can survive for location inside Malls, in fact higher from other franchising model.
  • upto 70% profit for Add Ons (from SRP)
  • enjoy monthly NET income Php20,000 upto Php100,000 or more (based on the current branches open, this is not guaranteed, different profit depends on location, your management as Franchisee, your crew, and other factors)
  • ROI within 6 months or more, based on the current branches open, but not guaranteed. Again success rate depends on location, your effort as Franchisee, crew, and other factors)
  • Instagrammable, classy and durable or grease proof - this generation loves social media, and Tapawarma packaging from rice to nachos are attractive in design, and can be something our market could be proud of.
  • Store Design is very eye-catchy, masculine, visibly accessible to our customers, where they get to enjoy and see how we prepare their orders.
  • Best placed at the terminals, universities, inside large hospitals, offices with no less than 3,000 unique foot traffic everyday.
  1. Zapote, Las Pinas
  2. Globe Telecom, BGC Taguig
  3. Santolan LRT2 Station, Marikina
  4. UE, Gastambide, Manila
  5. GaisanoTagum, Davao, Mindanao
  6. Bay City Mall Batangas City
  7. Masbate, Bicol
  8. Santa Rosa, Laguna
  9. Recoletos, Bacolod
  10. Alijis, Bacolod
  11. Megaworld Mall, IloIlo
  12. Awang, Cotabato City
  13. Koronadal, South Cotabato

14. Tondo Juan Luna, Manila
15. San Pedro, Sto Tomas Batangas
16. Gaisano Buhangin Davao, Mindanao (next)
17. PUP, Sta Mesa
18. Silang, Cavite (next)
19. Pillar, Las Pinas 
20. CAA, Las Pinas (next)
21. Pulang-Lupa, Las Pinas (next)
22. Molino, Bacoor Cavite (next)
23. Evacom, Paranaque (next)
24. Pamplona, Las Pinas (next)
25. Almanza, Las Pinas (next) 

26. Calaca, Batangas (next)
27. Lemery, Batangas
28. Fairview (next)
29. SJDM, Bulacan (next)
30. Montalban Rizal (next)
31. UST, Manila (next)
32. Recto, Manila (next)
33. 168 Mall (next)
34. Waltermart, Olongapo (next)
35. Taguig (next)
36. Dasma, Cavite (next)
37. Nueva Ecija (next)
38. Bulacan (next)

39. Star Mall, Shaw
40. Balibago, Bataan (next)
41. Bacoor (next)
42. Cebu City, Cebu (next)
43. Ever Gotesco Commonwealth,
Quezon City
44. Commonwealth Market, Quezon City (next)
45. Others no specific locations yet



NOTE: Outside Mall Aircon with table and Chairs are highly recommended to achieve higher sales (Proven by Koronadal, Cotabato and Midsayap Branches)


Tapawarma is using strong, proven system in operations, inventory, marketing and all areas in running the store since the company’s main business is into Marketing and Software Development, hired by big brands for their operations, but with Tapawarma, you enjoy these as part of your package directly from them. As Franchisee, all you have to do is to understand and STRICTLY follow standard procedures from day 1 til the end – of course; LOCATION is the main factor of your success aside from your management.

Best part is, Tapawarma is owned by owners who understands the importance of money, risk, and determination. Click here for their full story http://tapawarma.ph/tapawarmas-love-story/ . They developed ERP system, specifically for each Franchisees, they could use to lessen the tedious workload of a Branch Owner in terms of audit and inventory, and crew monitoring, since these areas, play big roles in running the branch. It’s automated, for the owner’s to save time and avoid negligence in these areas. 

Tapawarma was featured so many times in different marketing distribution, like Digital ads and printing materials, Newspapers and Magazines. Their Facebook Page is https://www.facebook.com/tapawarma. Soon to launch our official Brand Endorser this year 2020.


Tapawarma is now officially FRANCORP CERTIFIED lastMarch 2019, during the International Franchise Expo 2019. Francorp is an international organization for Franchising, people behind successful big brands internationally.Below is Tapawarma’s official launching together with BIG BRANDS during the International Franchise Expo 2019 at the SMX, Pasay. Click here to know more about this story.


Tapawarma is so determined to fulfill its long term plan, within the Philippines and globally. And to reach this plan, we have our own POPULAR AND VERY INFLUENCIAL BRAND AMBASSADOR that we will be launching this year.

  • Free Orientation
  • Food Tasting
  • Full explanation of the Contract Terms
  • Step by Step Pre-Opening procedure orientation
  • Location Assistance and Assessment
  • Construction / Fabrication Assistance
  • Crew Hiring Assistance (online posting, Contract and memoTemplates)
  • Government Permits Application Assistance (orient)
  • Project Management
  • Business Training for Owners (6 days)
  • Training for Employees (9 days)
  • Ingress: Delivery of Stocks and Installation in Preparation for Opening
  • Store Official Endorsement
  • Store Dedication and Ribbon Cutting
  • Opening Assistance (1 or 2 days)
  • Consistent Store Visits for Quality Check Store
  • Operations Support
  • Continuous Training Support
  • Admin Support
  • Supply Management System (NATIONWIDE-READY)
  • Systems Wide Marketing

Since the company is an IT company before, we adopted and used technology for for a faster, efficient, lesser effort and time in operating store, best for busy people. You as the business owner can fully monitor the store anytime and anywhere using the Mobile-based POS inventory and sales system. No need for tedious AUDIT and monitoring.

Tapawarma is using strong, proven system in operations, inventory, marketing and all areas in running the store since the company’s main business is into Marketing and Software Development, hired by big brands for their operations, but with Tapawarma , you enjoy these as part of your package directly from them. As Franchisee, all you have to do is to understand and follow standard procedures – of course; LOCATION is the main factor of your success aside from your management.

8 easy steps to franchise

Get started now and fill up the form!

Get ready to be a part of this Awesome TAPAWARMA Family!


FREE Business Orientation

Schedule a FREE Phone or Office orientation with us, and be a part of our Family!



YOU. You submit to us your target LOCATION Feasibility study form, you can get from our website, or maybe attached here. We assess location after contract signing. For mall locations, will just simply endorse you once we both agree with the location after your contract signing. For the franchisee’s protection, we will not allow another branch to open near your location, if location has less than 50,000 population.

Location hunt is done after contract signing. We can only give you our full location assistance after the contract signing, or if we have available locations, we could award it to you also. The most important here is that you are fully decided to start your Tapawarma Business, regardless of which location. Another advantage is you get to enjoy full location assistance, and secure your target location before anyone does, and get to enjoy the promo price, plus you will be lined up on the next opening schedule date.

This depends on our next, last scheduled opening. Our team can only open maximum of 2 branches per week. We have to consider so many factors such us our manpower for us to maintain quality of our service. Again, your opening will depend on our last scheduled opening; we will line you up next. We are in a first come first serve basis. Usually after contract signing, grand opening is after 2-3months.

You. We will just conduct the training. You need to have at least 2 crews to start. It is your responsibility to hire, terminate, manage and retrain your crew if needed with our help. We will train you as owners. We also have accredited AGENCIES to help you with the hiring.

Minimum Rate. Depends on which location. We have to follow DOLE standards for benefits and compensation.

3% only from Gross Sales, way lesser than others. And 2% for Systems Wide Advertising. This is because not all of the items are brought from our Commissary, items like veggies, rice, egg, oil and others can be bought outside. Don’t worry these numbers are doable and are already included in your Profit and Loss computation.

You may choose to renew your contract for another three years. Renewal Fee will just be 50% of the Franchise Fee (not the package) during the time or renewal. If in case you fail to finish the 2 – year contract for some reason, there is a minimal termination fee. As much as possible, this Tapawarma Franchise Business is exclusively for those who are financially and technically capable to run the business for 2 years and more, for long term goal and achievement. The product and the system are all good, very sellable and relevant for current market.

Upto 3 months for the meat, upto 6 weeks for the sauce

Initial Stocks, equipment and marketing materials will be delivered at your doorstep 3 days before opening. Delivery Fees will be shouldered by you. For cart installation within MetroManila, it will be installed directly at the mall one night before. For cart installation within Provinicial Areas, cart will be delivered at your doorstep first together with the initial stocks, then fabricator will fly at your location for installation one night before opening or if possible 3days before opening if the mall permits.

For stocks during operation after initial stocks has been sold out, we use a third party courier to deliver directly at your store. Minimal Delivery fees shouldered by you. It’s part of the computation for you to survive, so no worries. For Metro Manila we use Transportify or Lalamove. For Provincials, we are in partnership with 2GO.

You. Our job as Franchisor is just to train, guide and assist you, making sure you are doing ok. Don’t worry, we will not allow you to open if you and your team are not yet ready.

Yes for some items, specially the veggies, rice, oil and egg. Major items such as the meat, sauce and packaging should be bought from us only to maintain quality and taste.

Each branch is required to operate at least 12 hours per day, not later than 12noon. Monday till Sunday. Yes you can operate more than 12 hours upto 24 hours. For mall locations, we have to follow mall hours.

YOU. We will teach you how, so don’t worry. You are also required to have a minimal monthly budget for your marketing within the community, making sure you maintain brand presence. Though we, as the franchisor, we have our own budget for Marketing for the whole brand, not specifically your branch location.

Don’t worry, there’s always a room for first timer. We will teach you how. That’s the purpose of franchising, you get to know all the process, all systems, all you have to do is to STRICTLY FOLLOW each standard procedures. Success depends on your management, location, crew, continuous marketing within your community.

Initially, company SHOULD deliver stocks to you, good for 1 week for Metro Manila Worth Php35,000, 2 weeks for Province in Luzon Area worth Php70,000 or good for 1 month for Visayas and Mindanao or worth Php145,000 is required.

Depends on location’s capacity to give you sales. But based on our existing sales, we could pay rent maximum of Php50,000. That location should be really good.

Training should be at our Las Pinas Office. For locations far from the area especially in Vizayas and Mindanao, you may opt to choose the on-site training, at your location: AirFare, Transpo, food and lodge will be shouldered by you, good for 2 persons. This is way cheaper compared to your expenses when you travel to our main office.

Yes it is mandatory. 8 days. There will be no opening if the 2 crews and owner/ store manager didn’t complete the whole training. We are strict in implementing, incomplete manpower, incomplete training, no opening.

Yes. Prepare for the following

• Permits – depends on the municipality, ranges from 7k-15k
• Rental Deposits – usually first 3 to 6 months rent
• Initial Training Expenses – in case you want to undergo training outside our main office
• Initial Working Capital – total 6 months projected operating expenses, as your back up during your business’ build up stage within your location, while you are still building your branch in terms of services, concept, quality of food for 6-12 months, then on the following years once strongly and consistently built, you will go on to the next stage called “reaping stage”. This is crucial, as this is usually taken for granted for start up businessmen, to persevere and stay committed on the goal to finish the franchise term and make profit. Though there are other locations, better ones, that don’t really undergo this build up stage for some reasons, since their first few months are a blast already (location and crew are one of the keys).
• Security Bond – Php20,000 (refundable)
• Initial Stocks and Packaging Supplies – Php35,000 good for one week or less (depends on sales) for locations within Metro Manila. For Provincials, it is advisable to start with at least 2 to 4 weeks stocks, or equivalent to Php70,000 to Php140,000 initial stocks, to avoid rush delivery and lessen delivery cost. These initial stocks will turn into sales profit anyway.


Original Price will be back anytime without notice. Yes, below price is just our promo price, since we wanted to give opportunity to people like you who wanted to start small, with smaller risk but wants a brand that you could trust and rely, before our official launching.




Note: This is way more affordable compared to other Franchising business models, developed by International Leaders, plus you get to enjoy the following inclusions below.


    One Time Payment during Contract Signing: Php99,000


    A. Renewable after 3 years (50% of the franchise fee during time of renewal)

    B. 3 years Usage of Tapawarma logo and other intellectual trade secrets and Proven System, Crew Hiring
    Assistance (online post) and Initial Marketing Assistance, Pre-Opening and Opening Assistance,
    Location Assistance: Mall endorsement, and Location Assessment,

    C. Business Owners Training (4 days) and Crew Initial Training (8 days) for Crew before store
    opening in Manila Office. If you prefer training outside main office
    (airfare, hotel and food for 3 persons for 8 days will be shouldered by you)
    After Sales Support – Continuous
  • 2 sets of UNIFORM
  • With initial Food and Packaging Supplies worth Php5,000

    1. ERP Franchisee Prestige Log Ins: for Management, Delivery Management, Inventory Management, Others

    2. Required Initial Marketing & Opening Materials: 30pcs Tricycle Tarpaulin, 500 pcs fliers, 1 X-standee

    3. ALL Kitchen Utensils, Office and Janitorial Supplies, and all Major Equipments
    like 2pcs induction cooker, rice cooker, pita griller, Meat Heater
    1. 8 cubic Standing Refrigirator with Larger Chiller (can store stocks good for 1 week)

    2. Construction of cart or store with signages

    3. Initial Delivery Fee of all Products and Equipments to anywhere in the Philippines

    Note: If you want to avail Refrigerator and Cart Construction from us and avoid the hassle, our ALL-IN Package starts at Php485,000 for cart. This will increase depends on the size of your location. We highly suggest that you avail the SEMI-ALL IN PROMO instead and save tons of money, use it for the initial stocks instead and other things.
    Outside Mall Rent Php10,000-Php30,000,
    Mall Rent: Php15,000-Php50,000

    Permit Php10,000, more or less for DTI,
    Barangay Clearance,
    Mayor’s Permit, BIR Registration,
    Receipts and Insurance.

    Initial Working Capital:
    Prepare for your first 6 months operating expenses, while building your store reputation
    within the community, this is just for emergency and should be prepared.


Schedule a Business Consultation

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  • Contact Number

    Globe: 0935- 5090395 Smart: 0961-8164299 Phone: 02-5052076

  • Address

    Tapawarma Inc. B11 Lalaine Bennet BFRV Laspinas City

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